Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

We provide a wide range of affordable solutions and tools to help our merchants manage and grow their businesses. These include a variety of cash-in and cash-out options with features designed to attract and retain clients, provide them with access to working capital and help them manage their cash flow.

The PagSeguro Ecosystem

The Free PagSeguro Digital Account

The free PagSeguro digital account, which is the core of our client offering for both merchants and consumers, centralizes all cash-in options, functionalities, services and cash-out options in a single ecosystem so that our clients can grow their businesses in a safe, affordable, scalable and simple way, all without needing a bank account.

Merchants can sign up for a free PagSeguro digital account, gaining access to all of the offerings in our ecosystem, through a single online contract that can be completed in minutes without paperwork. By signing up with us, merchants can automatically start accepting more than 30 cash-in methods, all with antifraud protection, and can access our business management tools. For merchants who require more complex functionalities, we offer value added services and features such as the early payment of installment receivables, accounting reconciliation and shipping solutions. With our free PagSeguro digital account, merchants may transfer their revenues to a bank account and also use our products and services to spend their revenues or other funds directly on our platform by (i) buying online, (ii) making peer-to-peer transfers or (iii) transferring their balance to the PagSeguro prepaid card, allowing them to buy goods and services in-person and online or withdraw cash at more than one million Cirrus network ATMs in Brazil and abroad.

For consumers, the free PagSeguro digital account offers not only numerous easy and safe options to pay merchants, but also the option to save their card details on our eWallet solution and to make and receive peer-to-peer payments.

We believe these products and services create a "network growth effect". The advantages of our digital payment solutions for merchants drive growth in their businesses, and the advantages of our digital payment solutions for consumers lead them to prefer merchants who offer these solutions, resulting in the acquisition of new clients through word-of-mouth recommendations by both merchants and consumers.

Our main products and services fall into the follow categories:

Our Competitive Strengths

We believe the following business strengths have allowed us to compete successfully and grow profitably in the 10 years since our launch:

Disruptive Provider of Payment Solutions to Clients

We have taken a new approach to offering digital financial services to Brazilian clients, especially Micro-Merchants and SMEs. Instead of simply processing transactions, our end-to-end digital platform creates an ecosystem where our clients can transact and manage their cash, without the need to open a bank account. We are focused on providing disruptive products and solutions that are secure, affordable, scalable and easy to use, with simple and transparent pricing. According to a survey conducted by us in October 2016, 81% of our merchants used PagSeguro as their sole electronic payments service and according to a survey conducted by us in June 2017, 75% of Minizinha owners did not accept cards before signing up with us. For larger merchants who have larger transaction volumes and require more complex controls, we offer value-added services and features such as

  • • flexible crediting dates;
  • • payment into separate bank accounts for each card scheme;
  • • a split payment solution, which automatically segregates credits between two different companies;
  • • a seamless single-click checkout option, allowing customers to make purchases with a single click; and
  • • our EFTPOS integration solution, which we launched in August 2017. Our innovative approach also brought trust to the online merchant-customer relationship by introducing a feature where we hold the consumer's payment in escrow for a period after the purchase, as a precaution in case of any commercial claims.

We have also created an innovative business model for merchants to access POS devices in Brazil, as we sell rather than rent our devices to merchants. For the equivalent of three to six months of leasing costs with our competitors, merchants can buy a comparable device from PagSeguro with no need to pay continuous rental fees.

Trusted Brand with Strong Merchant and Consumer Relationships

We have promoted transaction security since our launch. UOL is a well-known and trusted brand with a large audience. According to comScore, 81.2 million unique visitors accessed the UOL website in May 2017 (approximately 73% of Brazilian internet users). Consumers trust the PagSeguro and UOL brands with their sensitive personal and financial data. We continue to build and maintain brand recognition and trust through a variety of marketing campaigns, including advertising through traditional media, such as television, magazines and newspapers, and online advertising such as display media, videos, search results and social media.

In addition, we continually invest in our merchant and consumer relationships by providing continuous customer service, account support and business solutions.

The strength of our brand, products and services has been recognized in a number of awards, including:

  • • Named as the "Best Company for Consumers" for electronic payments in both 2017 and 2016 and for online payments in 2015 by Época magazine and Reclame Aqui, a consumer protection service;
  • • Recognized for "Best Payment Processing" in 2015 by Afiliados Brasil, a marketing company;
  • • Recognized as the best company in our industry in terms of client service excellence by Consumidor Moderno, a customer service magazine, in 2015 and 2017; and
  • • Recognized for leading performance in Brazilian retail by Prêmio BR Week in 2016

Customer-Centric Approach Focused on Innovation and Disruption of Incumbents

We have an in-depth understanding of our clients, the issues they face and the markets in which they operate. As a pioneer in the Brazilian digital payments market, we are able to anticipate trends and translate them into products and solutions that meet our customers' needs more efficiently than global competitors operating in Brazil. The Brazilian market expects payment providers to offer a number of country-specific features, such as boletos and early payment of merchants' receivables when consumers purchase in installments by credit card, all of which are central to Brazilian financial culture. We built our payments ecosystem and our merchant services offering around these specificities, offering tailor-made solutions for the Brazilian market.

Although all our solutions also work for desktop and other non-mobile platforms, we design our solutions on a mobile-first basis so that our clients can be self-sufficient at all times. This is important for us since, according to a client survey that we conducted, 49% of our new clients do not do business in a "bricks and mortar" location. All of our transaction systems are fully compatible with the mobile environment. We also maintain a strict focus on ongoing innovation, selecting and developing new products and services with a high level of speed to market. This is evidenced by our investment of R$68.0 million in expenditures on software and technology in the nine months ended September 30, 2017, equal to 4.0% of our Total revenue and income for the period. Additionally, we believe our distribution platform and marketing strategies are well-suited to reaching Micro-Merchants and SMEs in Brazil.

Innovative, Reliable and Scalable Proprietary Technology Platform

We manage large volumes of system access data and transactions, with more than 99.9% availability from May 2016 to April 2017, using Internet data centers provided by UOL Diveo, a UOL group company that provides IT, outsourcing, data centers, cloud computing and other managed IT services to UOL, PagSeguro and 1,200 other large clients. Our transactions per second monthly peak increased by a multiple of 31 between August 2014 and August 2017 and our monthly deployments increased by a multiple of 49 from January 2016 to January 2017. Backed by UOL Diveo, we are able to scale up our services while retaining high availability for peak-volume occasions such as Christmas, Mother's Day and Black Friday. This high-availability and continuously deployed platform ensures that all of our clients are able to operate with the latest features and the newest innovations without needing to patch or upgrade their software. Our scale as a UOL group company allows us to establish favorable partnerships with several suppliers, including software developers and hardware manufacturers. With our specialized team focused on developing reliable, scalable and proprietary systems and new products and features, we regularly roll out innovative and disruptive solutions that are tailored to the Brazilian market.

In addition, our IT background combined with the 10 years of historical transaction data we have amassed since our launch allow us to develop proprietary technology and gain expertise against online fraud and chargebacks related to fraudulent transactions in Brazil. Our antifraud platform combines proprietary features, such as internal risk modeling and scoring through artificial intelligence and risk assessment tools that collect public and private market information, as well as front-line third-party solutions such as Feedzai, Emailage and Threatmetrix.

Highly Experienced Management Team, Innovation-Driven Culture

Our highly experienced management team has extensive experience in all areas of the Brazilian payments market, with in-depth knowledge of online payments, retail, financial services, technology, payment processing, inperson electronic payments, acquiring and card issuance. Together, this management experience covers all of our customers' needs, allowing us to plan the future of PagSeguro.

Our culture reflects UOL's innovation-driven focus, instilling in our professionals a passion for serving consumers and merchants and motivating them to provide next-generation payment capabilities in Brazil. At September 30, 2017, the average age of our employees was 32, 85% of them had a bachelor's degree or higher and 36% were women. We also offer a long-term motivation plan for key professionals and apply meritocratic methods to engage all our professionals, recognize their value and keep them motivated.

Our Growth Strategies

We aim to continue to drive rapid profitable growth and generate further shareholder value by implementing the following strategic initiatives:

Expand Our Customer Base and Deepen Our Relationships with Existing Accounts

Our focus is to continue acquiring new clients in our target markets by investing strategically in our brand and solutions, targeting the business sectors and geographic regions where there are still significant opportunities to reach new customers, expanding TPV and, consequently, generating more revenues. We believe there remains a significant unmet need in these markets that our solutions can fulfill. We are focused on cultivating our ecosystem to address these everyday electronic payment needs. At the same time, we will introduce further value-added products and services aimed at larger clients, leveraging our lean, technological, scalable, proprietary and secure infrastructure.

We will continue to invest in retaining and deepening relationships with our existing clients, offering new cash-in and cash-out solutions to drive additional revenues and increasingly replacing bank accounts for customers that already have them. Many of our merchants have grown within our platform, for example from purchasing a single POS device to choosing to receive early payment of their card receivables on consumer installment transactions, and we believe our business management tools can be further leveraged to increase customer engagement. We intend to continue to be a first mover, extending our platform to offer a full integrated suite of financial products and services, further enhancing customer experience.

Continuous Innovation and Focus on Technology

Technology and innovation are in the DNA of the UOL group and are at the core of our business success, with products and engineering personnel representing most of the total headcount of PagSeguro. We will continue to invest in research and development to strengthen and extend our digital solutions. Using our qualified product and service design teams and research and development team, we intend to roll out a portfolio of new solutions, for both merchants and consumers, based on mobile apps, in order to drive more revenues while further strengthening our mobile-first commitment and simplifying our clients' lives.